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How to Keep Your Sanity While Selling Your Home with Kids

If you’re selling your home with kids, you might wonder how you’re going to pull it off. Here are some ways to help it go more smoothly.

The Best Fries in SLC

Sometimes nothing but a fresh plate of fries will do. Here are the best of the best fries in SLC.

Q2 2018 Market Update

Q2 2018 Market Update

If you’ve been in the Salt Lake area for a while, you might be as surprised as I am how long our market has been booming, and most experts agree that there’s no end in sight.

Here’s How to Stay Emotionally Detached While Home Shopping

Getting emotionally attached to a home while shopping is a bad idea. It can cloud your judgment and lead you to buy something that’s not a good fit for you. Here’s how to keep a cool head through the entire process.

Hidden Things

Hidden Things to Check For When Buying Your SLC Home

Homes can have all kinds of hidden problems. Don’t let these sneak up on you when you’re buying a home, or you might be paying for it for years.

Cost vs. Value

Cost vs. Value 2018: The Projects with the Best Return

Some home projects yield greater returns than others. These home improvements will give you top dollar on your investment.

Consignment Shops

My Top 5 Salt Lake Furniture Consignment Shops

Salt Lake has some fantastic consignment shops. Not only can you find unique pieces (you know, the ones that start […]

Housing Trends

2018 Salt Lake Housing Market Trends

2017 was been quite a year for SLC’s economic growth and real estate development. According to, it’s just the […]

Q4 Update

Q4 Salt Lake City Housing Market Update

It’s no secret that the Salt Lake housing market is booming right now. Here’s what’s been going on in our […]

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